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How do you reach a wide audience when you don’t have thousands of raving fans? In my latest interview, music entrepreneur, Budi Voogt, explains exactly how he gets wide exposure for his talented musicians and how commercial artists and other creative professionals can adapt these strategies to reach a larger audience to find better clients. Want more? Sign up for Quick Tips here.

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As a right brainer in a left brain world, Michael e. Stern has learned a lot in his 36 years in business about how to price his creative services. In his 2nd podcast/interview with Ilise Benun of he shares his 3 best pricing strategies, including what he calls the “J.B. factor” and many other pearls of wisdom. Want more? Sign up for Quick Tips here.

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What are corporate in house design managers looking for in the freelancers they hire? Andy Epstein, author of The Corporate Creative, answers that question and many others in the latest podcast interview with Ilise Benun of Find out where the growth is and which skills will set you apart. Want more? Sign up for Quick Tips from Marketing Mentor

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From surviving to thriving as a creative professional -- that’s the path Michael E. Stern walked the past 35 years as a photographer. It’s taken him time, but he’s found the niche that fits him like a “fur-lined” glove -- construction time-lapse films -- and gives him the freedom many can only dream of. You can hear that freedom in the sound of his voice as he talks with Ilise Benun of about the strength of his positioning. Want more? Sign up for Quick Tips here.

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Cynthia Sterling of Sterling Creativeworks talks with Marketing Mentor, Ilise Benun, about how she chose the wine and spirits niche in 2011 when reinventing her business. She also shares how the resulting clarity has freed her to pursue (and secure as clients) the top multi-brand marketers in the category. Learn about her at and Sign up for Quick Tips from Marketing Mentor.

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In this interview with the Small Business Advocate, Jim Blasingame, Ilise Benun debates what exactly is a niche and how to go about choosing one. If you're struggling with your niche, download the free worksheet "Is Your Market Viable,"  excerpted from The Pick a Niche Kit,

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For this special “Pick a Niche” podcast, Ilise Benun is joined by Tomas Fransson of and Scarlett Rugers to talk about Scarlett’s success in the book design niche. If you’re not sure which niche to pick, download the Niche Checklist and pick the perfect one for you.

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Copywriter & Marketing Strategist, Amy Posner, describes in exquisite detail the 9-step direct outreach approach (avec chocolat) with has so far yielded a 16% response PLUS a dream client. Learn about her at and Sign up for Quick Tips from Marketing Mentor

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Ilise Benun talks with Jenny Poff, founder of the national accountability group, The Designer’s Roundtable, about the inaugural Designer’s Retreat, an event unlike any other, designed for creative professionals by creative professionals, coming up on June 25-26 in Nashville. Get $20 off with promo code: "DRBENUN"

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Designer, Robin Ridley, describes how she decided to focus on the animal welfare and vegan markets and the steps she took to determine the viability of these markets Learn about Robin at and Sign up for Quick Tips from Marketing Mentor

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