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In today’s podcast, Ilise rehearses the introduction for her upcoming CreativeLive course, Command the Fees You Deserve. This new course will be presented live on Jan 21-23 from 12-6 PM Eastern (9-3 Pacific). RSVP for the free, live taping here.

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Listen to find out how Jen Neal's Toronto-based firm, K9 Strategy & Design, has evolved since we last talked in 2011. She shares details on their rebranding and how their involvement in the supposedly dying publishing industry has led them to a leadership level in the industry and which marketing tools they use to get there. If you need a plan to get anywhere near this, check out the 2015 Enhanced Marketing Plan + eCalendar for Creative Professionals

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This podcast collage is a sneak peek at the brand new Enhanced version of the Marketing Plan + eCalendar for 2015. You’ll hear clips from 3 interviews between me and creative professionals who are practicing what I preach and it’s working! They are targeting their markets and finding better clients! If you want a plan to follow, check out the 2015 Marketing Plan here:

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This podcast is a little different than usual – it’s a sneak peek at the brand new

Package Pricing Bundle, the newest product in the Marketing Mentor Toolbox. You’ll

hear clips from 4 interviews with creative professionals who so generously shared

the creative pricing strategies they’re using to take more control over their business

and grow! For more: Find the Black Friday Bundle here and the Package Pricing

Bundle here

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Packaging creative services is all the rage these days, but it’s more than a trend. It’s actually allowing creative professionals to take control of their worklife, raise their prices and save time on estimates and proposals. In this podcast, excerpted from Marketing Mentor’s new product, The Package Pricing Bundle, Ilise Benun interviews web copywriter, Alyssa Martin, about how her copywriting packages “sell out.”

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I recently joined Jake Jorgovan to discuss the biggest mistake new freelancers make when telling people what they do. Listen to learn a better way...

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Ilise Benun joins Jim Blasingame of Small Business Advocate to reveal two more critical questions to ask yourself before you become a small business owner.
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Ilise Benun joins Jim Blasingame of Small Business Advocate to talk about why most of us start our small businesses, and to reveal a very important question to ask ourselves when we do.
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Here’s the 5th Audio Article written by Ilise Benun of and read aloud by the author, “5 Steps to Finding the Right Clients.” Listen to learn the secret to closing a deal with new clients by ushering them through a step-by-step qualifying process that weeds out the tire-kickers. Follow this tried-and-true formula to find the clients you really want to work with. Download and read the article here.

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In today’s podcast, The Marketing Mentor, Ilise Benun, chats with Heather Lloyd-Martin, SEO Writing expert and teacher of SEO copywriting, about what designers and writers really need to know about SEO plus the art of writing pages that both convert well and connect with web site visitors. Find more on the blog: and at

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