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Jul 20, 2008

What does it mean to grow your business?  Everybody has a different definition.  To some it means moving out of the spare bedroom, to others it means making more money. In Episode 13, we will help you take a detailed look at your business, decide what growth means to you, and determine how to achieve...

Jul 13, 2008

You got the job!  But it's not time to celebrate just yet.  Before you get to work on the project, there is some business to take care of.  A contract! Episode 12 will talk you through contracts, why you need one, and what yours should include.

Jul 7, 2008

Proposals- documents that detail what you do for a client and under what terms- are essential to the selling process.  In Episode 11, we discuss your proposal, and how to make it work as a marketing and sales tool.    Join us!

Jun 30, 2008

Here's the reality. You are in business, and you can't do business without dealing with money.  In Episode 10, we deal with the ever important question, How Do I Talk About Money? You will learn that your prospects don't expect you to work for free and that talking about money is OK.  Once you get comfortable with money...

Jun 23, 2008

The fact is, most designers are not charging enough.  In this podcast, we cover the nuts and bolts of estimating a project and figuring out how much to charge.  One of the most important parts of knowing what to charge is understanding what you're selling.  Join us to answer the question, How Much Should...