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Sep 28, 2011

If you’re hesitant to focus on a target market, listen to this interview with Jennifer Neal, Owner of K9 Design Co. – I bet it will change your mind.

In a nutshell: in 2008, K9 was a busy family-owned design business that was almost completely referral-based. They need more control over the flow of work, so they decided to commit to and invest in their marketing—and before long, they started to grow, so much so that 2010 – a recession year for many – was K9 Design Co’s best year ever, with a 30% increase over 2009.

The first step was to embrace the idea of a target market and the fact they had a “portfolio full of publication work.” Jennifer says, “As scary as it was at the time for me to decide to market to publishers and the publishing industry, it was at that point that everything shifted. It was the toughest decision we ever made, but also the best move we ever made.”

In the latest Marketing Mentor podcast Jennifer also shares:

• Why even a specific target market will have enough work to keep you growing.
• Why not to waste your time on perfection.
• Why their business name doesn’t matter anymore.
• And more…

Listen to the whole interview on the Marketing Mentor Podcast—and let me know… Did it change your mind about target markets?