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May 31, 2011

Vivienne Scholl, from San Francisco-based Avenue 4 Design, commented recently on a Marketing Mix post about progress payments. She said:

We've started doing monthly billing with our clients. Billing is now tied to a date, not a milestone. It's so much better for cash flow. Anyone else doing this?

Since getting paid is always an issue, I asked Vivienne if she would share her process. Here’s what she told me in this interview/podcast:

  • Why she started doing monthly billing
  • How she brings it up with clients
  • How it’s especially beneficial if a project drags on
  • Why it keeps things “fair” with clients

And please comment on this billing practice. Vivienne wants to make sure this type of billing isn’t doing a disservice to the rest of the industry.

What do you think about monthly billing? Does monthly billing do a disservice to the industry?