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Oct 6, 2011

Just 5 months into her new career as a freelance food writer, Bryn Mooth is already getting a lot of publicity and great projects. (Follow her journey here.)

But as a lot of new freelancers do—Bryn is finding pricing to be a challenge. Why?

She’s calculated an hourly rate, refined an estimating sheet, and learned to price by the project—but the problem is—she’s really fast.

With 20 years of experience, she finds that using hours to calculate project costs is leaving her with a price that doesn’t equal the project’s value. Her clients often share a budget, but when she calculates her project cost—it’s way too low.

With her current approach, there’s an apparent disconnect between what the project costs—and what it’s worth.

Listen to this interview to find out where the discrepancy is—and how she can solve it.

Should she double her hourly rate? Make room for higher profit? Find out here.

Bryn also shares how she’s:
• Dealing with pricing
• Determining her minimum project rate
• Using an estimating worksheet to figure out hours for each project
• Starting to track her hours/rates over time

She also shares why pricing should be “uncomfortable.”

Listen here. Have any advice for Bryn? Please share.