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Mar 25, 2022

If you’re a "passionate practitioner" with the “good” problem of too much work, this episode is for you. Today’s guest, Sarah Durham, founder of Big Duck, has recently reinvented herself as a coach for “accidental entrepreneurs,” and shares insights into growing a creative business and so much more. If you...

Aug 9, 2013

In today’s podcast, Sarah Durham of (a favorite speaker on pricing at CFC 2012) talks with me about how she integrates her own unbillable time into her pricing. 

Feb 25, 2013

In the latest podcast interview in the CFC 2013 Speaker Series, Ilise Benun talks with Sarah Durham, Principal and Founder of Big Duck about working with companies who “do good” and suggests how to find them. Also, she shares a taste of what she’ll be speaking on at CFC, “Integrating Your Values and Your...

Mar 26, 2012

The 5th Annual Creative Freelancer Conference, June 21-22 in Boston (early bird deadline is this Friday, March 30!), is rapidly approaching and for today’s podcast interview, we have Sarah Durham, Founder of Big Duck. Sarah’s session will be The Nuts and Bolts of Pricing and Negotiating.

At Big Duck, they design...