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Oct 26, 2011

If you know you need a target market—but don’t know where to start, this interview will help. Often, your market is right there in front of you, where you can see a need. Usually, it comes from your past experience. This is where I found my target market (creative professionals) in 1988.

Last week, I shared the story of how I got started with Anderson Smith, who interviewed me on his radio show, 1 Hour Photo, on ArmadaFM. Listen in if you want to hear:

  • Questions to ask yourself to find your market without starting from scratch
  • How I found my market under a pile of paper
  • How the changing economy affected the “need” for marketing
  • How I help clients break old habits and build new ones
  • The steps I take clients through in the 6-month marketing group ( process 

Listen to this 11-minute interview on the Marketing Mentor Podcast.