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Apr 26, 2011

I’ve been talking to clients lately to get a view inside the evolution of their business. A big signpost in the evolution journey is raising rates, but often, the creatives I work with are afraid their clients will disappear if they do it.

In a recent interview with Megan Coleman, freelance web designer, she says, “I charged less in the beginning because I didn’t know how much to charge. The more projects I took on, the more I realized how much things should really cost to make the money I needed to live.”

In this interview, Megan also answers these questions:

  • How did she know it was time to quit her full-time job?
  • What did she do to prepare for freelancing?
  • Did she use up all the money she saved?
  • How she got her first few clients.
  • Why she recommends doing some freelance work on the side first.

Find out where Megan is now, and why this two-time CFC attendee is coming back this year.

Meet Megan at the Creative Freelancer Conference in Chicago. The early-bird deadline ends may 1st. Use in conjunction with the Marketing Mentor $50 discount (Use code: CMM11) to save a total of $80 – the best admission price available.