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Dec 13, 2010

In this interview, Ilise talks with talented illustrator, Tim Read, about the marketing tools that are working for his business. He shares:

·         Exactly how he uses social media

·         How he’s getting business from LinkedIn

·         How to self-promote without doing a blatant sales pitch


Dec 6, 2010

How is marketing changing in the 21st century? Ilise Benun joins Jim Blasingame to discuss marketing in the new economy, the importance of relationships with customers and vendors, plus tips on developing and maintaining these relationships. Listen in...

Nov 19, 2010

Cleveland Design is a firm that has been in business for nearly 20 years, and in this interview, Jonathan Cleveland, Principal, shares why this has been one of their best years yet. Find out which tools they're using, and how they make sure clients know "everything" they are capable of. Listen in...


Nov 3, 2010

Here's a recent interview Ilise did with Beth Brodovsky from Iris Creative.


There are two big questions that Ilise asks Beth in this interview:


  1. How did you come to pinpoint your target market? Beth talks about how she (and her staff) worked together to find their target market,...

Nov 1, 2010

It sounds obvious, but when you go out looking for clients -- really looking -- you find them.

Ilise saw this last week in Martha Retallick's Prospecting Hour interview, and it is once again the simple lesson from Pam Saxon of Saxon Design in Nashville TN.

Pam (who finished Ilise's Beginner Marketing Group last month)...