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Apr 7, 2011

"A lot of the jobs I was doing were one-off jobs,” said Stephen Hadley, owner of Houston-based Inkwell Media, a creative firm that produces employee newsletters and magazines for the oil and gas industry.

In business over 5 years, Stephen recently completed the Beginner Marketing Group, which he joined because, in his words, “I didn’t have enough of a focus.” 

The group helped him to define his focus, and in this interview with Ilise, he talks about:

  • How he got to such a targeted marketHow his business has evolved from one off projects to clients.
  • What marketing tools he’s usingIdentifying the right companies to targetIf research calling really works
  • How he gets regular, ongoing work
  • The best thing he got out of attending CFC

Listen to the interview here.

Stephen said, “I always had a haphazard approach to marketing. [The group] has definitely forced me to finish all the pieces. It has been awesome because now I have everything done. Now when I talk to someone, or meet with someone, I have a way to follow up and a place to send them. I’m not ashamed now! I wasn’t doing any marketing, and now I am. It feels really good."

Do you need to get focused like Stephen did? A new Beginner Marketing Group starts next week – Thursday, April 21 – and there are 2 spots open. Fill out this form if you’re interested….