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Aug 8, 2011

It’s 3 months into Bryn Mooth’s career as a freelance food writer, and I’ve been interviewing her along the way. (See our previous interviews: Asking Questions = Looking Stupid and The First Week as a Freelancer.)

In today’s interview, we talked about the importance of tuning into what’s around you. Bryn says, 

“Once you start thinking about something that’s next, or something that’s possible, then you tune in somehow to those opportunities you would have missed otherwise.”

We also discuss some issues related to the “lazy” days of summer and the mindset of self-employment, such as:

- Is it okay to have an “off” day and cut yourself some slack?

- The right approach to a non-productive day…

- Is the glow still going, or has it faded?

- Do you start believing the things you tell yourself when you’re in the non-productive mood? Does that spiral into non-productivity?

- How to deal with not knowing where the next project will come from…

- Learning to be patient…

- How to interpret really enthusiastic prospects

- And more…

If you have a case of the summertime “I don’t wannas,” get back on track by listening to this interview.

Listen here.