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Mar 22, 2011

Designer (and Creative Freelancer Conference veteran), Charlene Tiedemann, was getting bits and pieces of work, but struggling with how to get more clients and how to become the boss. She didn’t know who the clients were, where they were, or how to get to them.

Six months later, she said, “Meeting people and having a strategy to meet people were my biggest challenges. I had no idea how to get clients. They’re just people, and they’re all out there, and they need me, but I had no idea how to find them. Now I’m calling people and I’m finding more people…  It’s like a gold mine. I keep digging and digging and finding more people.”  

During those 6 months, she did the Marketing Mentor Beginner Marketing Group and not only found her prospects but also found her positioning as The Loop Design Studio and revamped her web site (see it here: 

Charlene’s challenge is a very common one, so I interviewed her for the podcast, in which she shares:

  • What she learned
  • Who she’s targeting and what she’s finding
  • Why networking events are working for her
  • How having two selves makes you stronger (business self, and self-self)
  • How she keeps the momentum going 

Plus, she has a bit of advice to any creative freelancer just starting out, or anyone who needs more work and don’t know what to do.
If you need to figure all this out for yourself, the Beginner Marketing Group might be right for you. Next group begins the week of April 18.